Learning Curves (from the New York Times) by Cathy Sandeen

We aren’t the only ones to pay close attention to the world of continuing education and professional career development—especially programs and classes that are university affiliated. The New York Times ran a special section yesterday on continuing education. UCLA Extension was featured in two of the articles. The first, called “Learning Curves on the Career Path” emphasized the important role of programs like ours in the current economy. People need a way to remain up to date and relevant in their current positions.

The broad array of continuing education and professional development opportunities we and other universities provide also meet a critical need for people who have been laid off and are seeking employment. I’m very pleased to see that UCLA Extension Global Sustainability Certificate Program student, David Gillbank, is featured prominently in the article. (And I have a couple quotes as well.)

The main message here is: there are quick, focused, relevant, and accessible ways to keep yourself moving ahead.

 The same special section also included an article on “Foreign Language Courses, Brushing Up or Immersion” that featured UCLA Extension online foreign language courses.



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