This is Our Time by Cathy Sandeen

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the over 2,200 individuals who completed a post-graduate professional certificate program here at UCLA Extension over the past academic year. These certificate programs span all professional areas, the arts, design, entertainment, business, management, law, education, engineering, information technology, health sciences, social sciences, humanities . . . the list goes on.

We celebrated our students’ achievement at our annual Graduation Ceremony, held on June 29, 2010 at the iconic Royce Hall on the UCLA campus. That night we hosted a group of over 1,700 graduates, friends and family who attended in the ceremony. This was a serious, formal event, similar to many other graduation ceremonies. However, because we are UCLA Extension, we always like to add a special twist to everything we do. We are serious, but we like to think of ourselves as inspirational and fun as well.

This year we commissioned a special song to be written and performed at the ceremony. UCLA Extension instructor, Marty Panzer, an accomplished, award-winning songwriter himself and long time collaborator with Barry Manilow, challenged his songwriting students to write “the best graduation song ever.” Written by Debra Gussin and Dale Effren, the song is called “This is Our Time.” It was performed at the ceremony by Erich Bergen who recently completed a 3-year run in the musical, Jersey Boys

We dedicate this song to everyone who works hard to follow their dreams, and especially to the newest recipients of UCLA Extension certificates. Listen here.


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