Fostering Your Own Creativity by Cathy Sandeen

Creativity (noun): the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination. (

Previously I wrote about the Report on the Creative Economy of the Los Angeles Region.  Read that post here.

I am still impressed that one in six jobs in the region are in creative industries (over 1 million jobs) resulting in $121 billion in sales/receipts in Los Angeles county. Industry sectors encompass entertainment, product and industrial design, fine and performing arts, toys, fashion, digital media, communication arts and others.

Further, the report predicts many creative industry sectors will see employment growth over the next three years, especially digital media (10% growth), industrial design and art galleries (7-8% growth), architecture, interior design and fine and performing arts (5-6% growth).  A more recent LAEDC report focuses on the entertainment and media industries in Los Angeles.

Fostering evereyone’s creativity . . . I also think there is a role for expanding the role of creativity and innovation in all types of work, not only the obviously “creative industries.” We often hear that our ability to be creative and innovative is our country’s key competitive advantage. If so, how can we all grow that advantage?

This quarter’s catalog cover for UCLA Extension provides some major inspiration for us. Designed by Deborah Sussman, award-winning environmental graphic designer and principal in Sussman/Prejza & Co of Culver City, her cover design captures the essence of spring and actually was inspired by a poetry class Deborah recently completed at UCLA Extension. (Yes, one of her poems is embedded in her design.)


The lesson here for all of us . . . If an established creative person seeks out a way to get new creative juices flowing, the rest of us can and should, too.  What are you doing to increase your ability to think outside the box and tackle new problems?

 Some possibilities here:

 Programs in the arts

We are offering a special new course that  may be of interest to you: Managing a Creative Business Strategic Panel

To see all courses available now and for Spring quarter through UCLA Extension



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