Imagine—Still a Timeless Message by Cathy Sandeen

I was fortunate to visit the city of Prague, Czech Republic this May at the tail end of a business trip. (I met with current and existing UCLA Extension partners in Finland, Hungary, and Poland.)

Prague is a stunning city known for great architecture, art, music, and culture. But one particular sight in the city really caught my attention—and I visited it each day I was there: The John Lennon Wall

The wall is an ever-changing display of John Lennon and Beatles lyric-inspired graffiti started by college students in the 1980s as a protest against the communist regime of the time and it continues to this day. Even months after my trip, I continue to be inspired by the creative and positive energy The John Lennon Wall represents. In fact, our graphic designers incorporated my own photos of the wall into UCLA Extension’s annual holiday greeting this year.

As we enter the holiday season and prepare to begin a new year, I wanted to share this positive message (and some of my photos) with you.

Imagine . . .


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