Where Are the Green Jobs? by Cathy Sandeen

Clean-tech.  Green collar.  Green jobs.

Whatever term you use, there is tremendous interest in these new jobs. The United Nations Frameworks Convention on Climate Change just wrapping up in Copenhagen, or COP 15,  puts global sustainability at the forefront. Leaders from all levels of government have made the development of technologies and jobs that support a cleaner, more sustainable environment one of their major funding priorities. To learn more about this trend, I have been reading a detailed report called Clean Tech Job Trends 2009 by Clean Edge, Inc. 

According to Clean Edge, the top 5 sectors for Clean-Tech Job Activity in the US include:

#1 Solar

#2 Biofuels and Biomaterials

#3 Conservation and Efficiency

#4 Smart Grid

#5 Wind Power

Four California metro areas rank within the top 15 US Metro Areas for Clean-Tech Job Activity:

 #1  San Francisco—Oakland—San Jose

 #2  Los Angeles—Riverside—Orange County

#10 Sacramento—Yolo County, CA

#11 San Diego, CA

This is great news for students and working professionals who are looking for their next career opportunity. The clean-tech field offers a wealth of options.

UCLA Extension has recently developed a new post-graduate certificate program in Global Sustainability to provide the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to succeed in the emerging clean-tech arena. Developed with input from industry, governmental, and educational experts, the program is comprehensive and relevant and can be completed quickly. More information here.

Clean-tech, green collar, green jobs….whatever term you use, these new fields represent a win-win-win: for the individual, the economy, and the planet.


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