The “Big” Question for 2010 by Cathy Sandeen

How do you pronounce it? Two thousand ten? Or twenty ten?

On Friday night I used “two thousand, ten” in my comments at the annual Instructor Appreciation Dinner for our Business, Management and Legal Programs. I thought my comments were right on target until someone challenged my pronunciation of our upcoming new year, claiming I should have said “twenty ten.” “It’s cleaner and more alliterative,” he said.

This may seem trivial, but for someone who makes a lot of public presentations (and who also is somewhat of a perfectionist), I wanted to know the correct pronunciation.

So with this question in mind, I did what most people would do: I “Googled” it. Up popped a NPR story.  Click on the logo to listen:


“How do you say 2010?”

The jury is still out, but personally, I vote for “twenty ten.” After all, our ancestors did not say “nineteen hundred ten” for 1910. Plus, as others have pointed out, twenty ten is fewer syllables, and, yes, I have to admit, it is cleaner and more alliterative.

What do you say?


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