UCLA Extension Provides Real Economic Benefits of Higher Education – Cathy Sandeen

I frequently hear that professionals in the southern California region enroll in professional development courses and programs for very specific reasons. They want to improve their career prospects, re-enter the workforce, change career directions, gain new knowledge and skills, or generally to enhance their creative energy. I also heard anecdotally that students did get better jobs, started businesses, were promoted, and earned more money after completing an educational program, such as those offered by UCLA Extension. I decided it was time to measure this effect.

We teamed up with a group of MBA students from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management to try to measure UCLA Extension’s impact on the Los Angeles economy. With 90,000 course enrollments serving approximately 60,000 individual students per year, we knew our impact could be significant.

The results:  More than we expected. Using a conservative formula, UCLA Extension contributes $250 million per year to the Los Angeles economy, More importantly, 70% of that impact can be directly attributed to increased earning power of students who have completed UCLA Extension educational programs.

The bottom line: UCLA Extension does support the dynamic workforce of our region—keeping it fresh and competitive and moving forward.  Check out our certificate programs here.


3 responses to “UCLA Extension Provides Real Economic Benefits of Higher Education – Cathy Sandeen

  1. statistical data showing the return on investment, the “earn more money part” would help sway some people on the fences about whether they should pursue courses to better their financial livlihoods. With the cost of courses rising over the past 10 years our financial risk is rising as we pray that these courses are improving our knowledge and educational background to where we can get promoted and make more money. Obviously there is more to making money but numbers and data are also fun to look at. Just a comment, glad Extension is thriving.

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